Boys Varsity Wrestling · Cougar Wrestling On The Move!

Article By Coach McPherson:          This year the Seton Catholic Wrestling program has set its sights on high ground as 14 of their wrestlers prepared to travel to Columbia River High School for their first competition last Saturday, and they were all about business. As usual parents, coaches and wrestlers gathered at Seton Catholic High School at 7:00 a.m. early Saturday morning although weigh-ins where not scheduled until 8:30 a.m. at Columbia River High School. Some of the new parents and wrestlers where curious to know, ”why meet so early when we could sleep in a little longer and just gather at the location where we would be wrestling?” Coach Damon McPherson then had an opportunity to give them a better understanding of his philosophy when it comes to team culture and community building. “We are up and ready before the rest of the field of competition and we always do everything together.” Coach McPherson explained, “just like in the real world, those who are best prepared will tend to get the best results, so being up and at’ em is part of our team culture.” Along with that Coach McPherson also shared, “We do everything together. We meet in the morning together, we pray together, we travel together, we show up together, we weigh-in together, we eat together, we warm-up together, we win together and most important we LOSE together. This is a sign of a healthy family and that’s what we are building, a family.” Coach McPherson’s words have have not fallen on deaf ears because that’s exactly how the Seton Catholic Cougar wrestling team performed during their first tournament of the year. As wrestlers were on the mat struggling and fighting to win the respected match, and there, standing matside cheering and rooting them on where a pack of cougar teammates, fully engaged and providing much needed encouragement throughout the days competition. “This is what team looks like.” Coach McPherson mentioned. “It’s so easy to say that we are a family when things are going well, but you never find out who your true family is until adversity enters the equation, and these young people have decide to support one another win, lose or draw. I couldn’t be more blessed by their performance.” Throughout the days competition there were times of triumph and moments trial, but over and again the Seton Catholic Cougars where side by side to congratulate and also console one another. After the days last match had concluded, out of the 14 wrestlers that competed they put together a combined record of 32 wins and 9 losses. Of the 32 wins 24 came by pin or superior decision making this the best finish by a Seton Catholic wrestling team to date. Wrestlers who competed were; Amanda Fry, Gabe Page, Paulo Vidales, Eric Stover, Elijah Volk, Ian Campbell, CJ Hamblin, Isaac Washington, Alex Macca, Ken Koceja, Riley Limberg, Luke Price, Jaime Gutierrez and Tyvauntae Deloney. There where several wrestlers that had prior obligations to take the SAT test, or they had not met the required practices so they could not compete. That list consists of Maritza Anguiano, David Carrion, Anthony Kutch, Caer Brion, Evan Kirby and Koen Ross. The good news is they will all be fit to compete this Tuesday during this year’s first dual meet competition. Seton Catholic Cougars will be travelling to Fort Vancouver for a double dual against Fort Vancouver and Corbett High School. The meet begins at 6:00 p.m. Also, you will not want to miss Seton Catholics first ever home dual meet this Thursday December 6th, against Portland, Oregon’s Roosevelt Rough Riders,  which will also be starting at 6pm. Coach Damon McPherson finally added, “This team is made up of kids and coaches who have sacrificed self for the well being of the team and to me that is the true mark of success. I would not be able to instill this concept without the help of our co-coaches Brandon Redeau, Tania Redeau and Nick Longo. They have been remarkable in this process.” Be on the lookout for more exciting reports on Seton Catholic Wrestling. #Setonwrestlingonthemove