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Athletic Director – Phil Kent
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Welcome to the 2015-2016 athletic year at Seton Catholic Prep! We are excited to begin another season as a 1 A Trico league member. It is an ambitious endeavor and will lead to great success as we grow and become more and more competitive over the career of our students. A few things that I would like to share concerning athletics at Seton involve the nuts and bolts that make our athletic department run. Each sport has a $50.00 participation fee, which is assessed at the beginning of each sport season. The exception is Swim. The cost of swim is much greater than other sports, but we are working to offset as much of the cost as we can with the help of the booster club. As well, members of each team are to participate, with the coach’s guidance, a fundraiser that provides $200.00 per athlete year. This fundraiser is ad sales for our athletic program guide. It is up to each athlete to decide how to go about getting this done (there is an opt out option where parents can just write a $200 check).

Proceeds from the ad sales go to offset the cost of venue rentals as well as travel expenses for away games. We participate in multiple varsity sports as well as JV teams when numbers allow. All of our practice is off site as are the competitions. This will change soon but we are thankful for the access we have to quality venues locally. The Trico league subscribes to the WPN scheduling and information software. This provides access to schedules and other pertinent information via computer or smart phone. Please watch for information regarding the kick off of this service. Questions regarding athletics and the clearance process at Seton may be answered by looking at WIAA website or feel free to contact the athletic director Phil Kent by email Also, please consider being active in the Seton Booster club to help with their important mission to our school.

Go Cougs!

Phil Kent