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What level of competition does Seton Catholic Prep play?  Seton Catholic plays in the SW WA 1 A Trico league in all sports.  We are a member of the WIAA District 4.

What sports does Seton Catholic Prep offer?

Girls:  Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Swim, Basketball and Track and Field.

Boys:  Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Swim, Soccer and Track and Field

What if my sport of choice isn’t offered at this time?

In following WIAA guidelines, any full time student in a certified private school may participate on an interscholastic team of his/her resident public school.  The private school student must reside in the drawing area of that school and the sport must be unavailable at the private school.  He/She must meet the  eligibility standards of the WIAA, Seton Catholic, and those set forth by the resident public school.

What is the cost?

Each athlete pays a $ 35.00 participation fee per sport.  It is attached to the family account at the beginning of the sport season.  Swim is a unique sport, in that, Seton swims on a co-op team of several schools coached by Camas.  The cost of this water time and coaching is expensive.  We are working to reduce this to a reasonable level for the coming 2014-15 school year.

All athletes are also required to sell $200 in Athletic Program Ad Sales as the only fundraiser the department will do to benefit all Seton sports (excluding the Football Card Sale).  The Program will be printed three times a year for each season and the funds raised will go to the Athletic Department budget to supplement, facility rentals, transportation costs, officials and other items approved by the Athletic Director. Please contact A.D. Phil Kent with any questions.

What is required to become eligible to compete for Seton Catholic Prep?

You must have a current physical exam (good for two years) on file, provide proof of insurance, fill out a student/parent questionnaire, a travel authorization, agree to a student athlete code of conduct and sign off on having read the warning on concussion and its symptoms.  You may download all forms  from the athletic portion of this website.  These forms must be in and current before being allowed to try out for any of our teams.  Keep in mind,  our athletic seasons have specific start dates and to be considered for many of our teams, paperwork must be current by that date.


When do our seasons begin?

Fall: Football August 20th, 2014; VB, G Swim, CC, G Soccer on August  25th, 2014.

Winter:  Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys Swim November, 17th, 2014

Spring:  Track and Field and Boys Soccer on March 2nd, 2015